2015 Friday January 2

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    Friday, January 2

    Admonish the disorderly, speak consolingly to
    depressed souls,support the weak,
    long-suffering toward

    —1 Thess. 5:14.

    A good shepherd is quick to take helpful action when a sheep is injured or becomes sick.
    Similarly, the elders need to give prompt attention to any in the congregation who are
    suffering or require spiritual assistance.

    The elderly and the sick may need attention in connection with their physical needs,
    but they especially need spiritual help and encouragement.

    Young members of the congregation may be facing challenges, such as resisting
    the desires incidental to youth.â€￾ (2 Tim. 2:22)

    Shepherding thus involves visiting members of the congregation periodically
    with a view to understanding the situations they are facing and encouraging them
    with appropriate Scriptural counsel.

    When such issues are addressed in a timely fashion, many problems can be
    resolved before they ever become serious.

    w13 11/15 5:15
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    What a joke !

    They preen and feel approved by God as soon as they consider that they've preached enough each month. In the meantime, the weak can wait... and the other ones too.

    When I was a teen, when we heard that we had our decennial shepherding call, we were worrying what we might have done to make them bother come and talk to us. Result was nothing more than the bla bla bla someone who doesn't know you may talk to you about.

    When I was a young man, I used to think : "The elders are helpful if you have nothing to ask them" or "If you have troubles, leave the elders alone because not only will they do nothing to help you, but they may make things tougher to bear because the more nuts there are involved in a troublesome situation, the more there are to get rid of".

    A few years, congregations and tears later, I tell to myself : "In an ideal world, they must get to know you before really having pertinent things to tell you. In the real world, choose the elders who have intelligence of heart, spend a few years "in silence" by their sides so you know how they "work" and, provided you thankfully didn't need them in the meantime, you may try and choose the words pertinent but religiously-correct enough to get a spiritual and objective third-party opinion from them."

    Over the years and during tough moments I went through, l learned to know what some elders had in their guts and happened to love them because they love Jesus' sheep. I don't expect much from them, barring to love me and to show that they care. If they aren't subtle enough regarding certain issues, I'll be subtle for us both through the way I ask my questions.

    I'm the US army, they salute the rank before saluting the man. In my cong, I salute the man before saluting the rank.
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    I was looking at the older "ten virgins" interpretation from the early 70s:

    God's Kingdom of a Thousand Years Has Approached
    chap. 11 pp. 195-196 par. 23 "Here Is the Bridegroom!"

    Those who are like the “foolishâ€￾ virgins have merely a profession of Christianity; they are largely nominal Christians, but do not meet the requirements of true Christianity. They may have some knowledge of the Bible, especially knowledge with a sectarian understanding of such Bible knowledge. They may have been influenced by what knowledge of Scripture that they have, but not to the point of having God’s powerful spirit in them for producing the “fruitage of the spirit.â€￾ Their conduct does not conform to the true Christian pattern. They shine merely as nominal or professed Christians in the religious formalisms of their sect in Christendom.

    Now that sounds like Jehovah's witnesses if we update the meaning to today's condition. The "religious formalisms" of rigid Bethel has now reduced Jehovah's witnesses to a similar "form of Godly devotion, but proving false to its power". Thus another "delay" and "nod off" is apparent as the pattern now repeats in the Bethel sect of Christendom, which its collective Pope (governing body) and clergy hierarchy have now re-installed in Jehovah's witnesses. It is just a much less expensive "clergy" at the congregation level, but Bethel cash and asset haul offsets for the top Bethel elites are a JW Vatican or Synagogue, complete with modern day "Pharisees".

    All in all the same dictatorial organizational structure as the Catholic Church and the eventual "love of the greater number cooling off" is because no fire of spirit burns at Bethel, but "increasing of lawlessness" is the bonfire they stoke. The overly applied disfellowshipping and shunning is the Bethel modern Inquisition, many elders are now the neo-Jesuits, as Bethel, like the Vatican, is also a UN partner and endorser as well. (UN NGO) Its all the same thing really. JWs all hail their collective Neo-Papal Body in the GB. The "org" and "slave" are the big golden calves. It's terminal now.

    And so logically, rather than judge Christendom yet another time, double jeopardy, as Bethel implies, a judgment is instead due on the King Ahab and Mother Jezebel system of Bethel's "Israel", which is also distracted from JW realization for the usual suspects in Christendom and "Babylon the Great".

    Thus the key delusions and deceptions are now fully present at Bethel, as they cover their tracks thoroughly before that judgment, to make it look like something else entirely, and most JWs are swallowing it, hook, line and sinker. Only a Jonah like splashdown can now wake up this kind of JW zombie.

    So may we be merciful on "pitiable and poor" JWs when the time comes, as many will instead gloat. But once JWs admit reality, they can recover in the purification. The admission of guilt is required for full repentance; Daniel 9:1-19. But its going to take quite the set of events to get that admission and to get fitted for the "sackcloth" that will accompany them.

    Expect major events on Bethel in time, and expect them to sell that to JWs as something else because that delusion is also present in the ministry by premature misapplications of truthful prophecy, just much too soon and on the wrong entities. Thus JWs are being misled by use of the truth re-arranged to suit Bethel's cover, and that aids the power of the overall delusion that many JWs are thoroughly influenced by.

    JWs are headed for a grand delusion to be turned into a grand global hoax, because nothing Bethel "predicts" will actually manifest. Bethel is who will be judged first. (1Pet4:17)

    Do they tell JWs that? And so that is the nature of the diversion.
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    I once used an entire meeting to psychologically profile all of the elders at my Hall. I didn't do it on paper - I just did it mentally and "filed it away" for future reference.

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