children of a rich king

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    any work jehovah sends!
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    I have written countless threads telling people how kind jehovah has been in his provisions unto me..but I dont know how many people truely have come to realize just who that they are and just who is their father, and just what they can realisticly expect....
    first as a christian baptised into jesus,you are an adopted child of jehovah god! jehovah is the god of every single thing. he is your father. he is not a chinsy miser comparable to mr scrouge! he owns billions and billions of pounds of gold,silver,diamonds,and rubys and vast real estate! he has the finest foods,the best transportation, and you name it he has billions of them... now here we sit on earth broke,poor,and strugleing along..hmmmmm
    whats wrong with that picture? here we are children of the richest king possible and we dont have! um cough,cough, or so the devil has tricked us into beleiveing! yes freinds every single one of us are rich rich rich beyond our wildest jehovah is no fool he dosent give little children bars of gold and jars of diaomonds as toys! but that dosent mean you have to run around broke,poor,homeless,and hungry! the bible is specific! you dont have because you dont ask!
    so what can You ask jehovah for and expect to get it? 1 wisdom,2 food,3 work to pay the bills,4 mercy for sins 5 healing,6 the holy spirit,7 prosperity... yes these things are given freely to any child of jehovahs that does ask....but I have to tell you out of personal expeiriance that its like gathering manah! you can not hoard it so you can be slack tomorow, neither can you gather not enough if you are weak and tired,, its an obediance thing! you must ask each and every day and be consistant to get results...and dont worry about over asking jehovah will gladley give you plenty on your plate. but if you ask for more than you need be sure you tell jehovah honestly that you want to give some to another person.if you prove faithfully that you can dispense a little, jehovah will give you a bit more until you show that you have reached your limits.. the key freinds is ask, get,give, ask, get, give, start today being a child of the rich king,and help others get out of spirtual, and physical poverty by,asking jesus... you wont get until you ask! please try it I was 51 years old before I out of sheer desperation started asking I know what an idiot,fool, that I was most of my life busting tail, geting no were! me a child of the richest king in the universe and Im not wallowing in provisions!
    but I testify,afirm,promise, that not one single day has gone by in 2 years that jehovah did not provide plenty! thats it my thread cant be any plainer! be who you are!

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