Contaminated blood inquiry: The school where dozens of pupils died

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    A public inquiry will this week hear from students and parents after more than 120 pupils at a school for disabled children were caught up in what has been called the worst treatment disaster in NHS history.

    From 1974 to 1987, those children were offered treatment for haemophilia at Treloar's College.

    At least 72 died after being given a drug contaminated with HIV and viral hepatitis.

    "We've lost so many friends from Treloar's and it's absolutely heartbreaking," said Richard Warwick, a pupil at the Hampshire school in the late 1970s who was later diagnosed with HIV.

    "A friend of mine picked up a pot plant and threw it against the wall of the haemophilia centre. It was a beautiful summer's day and I remember thinking, how many more sunrises like this am I going to see?"

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