Friday, February 26

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    Friday, February 26

    Pursue the things making for peace and the things that build one another up.

    Rom. 14:19.

    Peace cannot survive if envy is allowed to thrive. We need to weed out envy from our own heart and avoid planting feelings of envy in others. What specifically can we do to help others fight envy, and how can we promote peace? Our attitude and actions can have a big influence on others. The world wants us to make a “showy display” of the things we own. (1 John 2:16)

    But that attitude promotes envy. We can avoid nurturing envy in others if we choose not to talk constantly about the things we own or plan to buy. Another way we can avoid promoting envy is by being modest about the privileges we have in the congregation.

    If we draw attention to the privileges that we have, we create fertile ground in which envy can grow. By contrast, when we show genuine personal interest in others and acknowledge the good that they do, we help them feel content and we promote unity and peace in the congregation.

    w20.02 18 ¶15-16

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