Friday, June 15

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    Friday, June 15

    The Greek-speaking Jews began complaining
    against the Hebrew-speaking Jews.Acts 6:1.

    As the early Christian congregation grew, a situation that apparently involved discrimination arose. Greek-speaking Jews complained that their widows were not being treated fairly. To settle this issue, the apostles appointed seven men to make sure that nobody was neglected.

    These men all had Greek names, which seems to indicate that the apostles wanted to ease any tensions over background that might have existed among the early Christians. (Acts 6:2-6) Whether we realize it or not, we are all deeply influenced by our culture.

    (Rom. 12:2)

    Moreover, we likely hear neighbors, fellow workers, or schoolmates make derogatory remarks about those of another background, tribe, or skin color. How deeply are we affected by such biased views? And how do we react when someone makes fun of our nationality—maybe by exaggerating some feature of our culture?

    w16.101:7, 8

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