Friday, March 1

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    Friday, March 1

    With humility consider others superior to you.Phil. 2:3.

    Is there someone in your congregation who rubs you the wrong way? Your initial feelings about that person may be negative and can become long-lasting if nothing is done to improve them. To improve relationships, even with enemies, the Bible recommends hospitality. (Prov. 25:21, 22)

    Extending hospitality to someone can reduce friction and soften hard feelings. It can bring to the surface lovable aspects of our guest’s personality, aspects that Jehovah saw when he drew that one to the truth. (John 6:44)

    If extended with love, an unexpected invitation can be the start of a completely changed relationship. How can you make sure that love is your honest motive? One way is by following the encouragement given in our day’s text.

    Finding ways that our brothers or sisters are superior to us—be it their faith, endurance, fearlessness, or some other Christian quality—will deepen our love for them and open the way for genuine and healing hospitality.

    w18.03 17 ¶18-19

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