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Friday, March 16

Discussion in 'Daily Text' started by Jinnvisible, Mar 12, 2018.

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    Friday, March 16

    The word of God is alive and exerts power and is sharper

    than any two-edged sword.Heb. 4:12.

    It is particularly important that you impress on your children the value of Bible principles. (Ps. 1:1-3) There are many ways to do this.

    For example, you could ask your children to imagine that they are going to live on a remote island and will have to choose a number of people to live there with them. Then ask, “What qualities must each person have if all in the group are to live in peace and get along well?”

    You could also talk with them about the wise directions found at Galatians 5:19-23. That exercise could teach two important lessons. First, God’s standards promote genuine peace and harmony. Second, by educating us now, Jehovah is preparing us for life in the new world. (Isa. 54:13; John 17:3)

    You could drive these points home by selecting an experience from our publications. It might be from the series “The Bible Changes Lives,” published inThe Watchtower.

    w16.09 5:13, 14

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