Friday, March 8

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    Friday, March 8

    Draw close to God, and he will draw close to you.Jas. 4:8.

    Friendship with Jehovah involves two-way communication—listening and talking. Personal study of the Bible is the prime way we listen to Jehovah. That includes taking in knowledge by reading and meditating on God’s Word and Bible-based publications. As you do that, remember that study of the Bible is not a mere academic exercise.

    It should not be as if you were memorizing facts just to pass a school exam. Fruitful study is more like an expedition on which you can explore and discover new aspects of Jehovah’s personality.

    This will help you to draw close to God, and then he will draw close to you. Jehovah’s organization has provided a number of tools to help you put together an effective study program.

    For example, on, the study guides “What Does the Bible Really Teach?” can help you to build your conviction about your beliefs.—Ps. 119:105.

    w17.12 25 ¶8-9

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