Friday, May 10

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    Friday, May 10

    A man of knowledge restrains his words,
    and a discerning man will remain calm.

    Prov. 17:27.

    What if you are a teenager and feel misunderstood and restricted by your Christian parents? Your frustration might even make you doubt that serving Jehovah is the best way of life.

    But if you allow frustration to make you give up serving Jehovah, you would soon discover that no one else cares for you more genuinely than your God-fearing parents and your congregation.

    If your parents never corrected you, would you not wonder if they really cared about you? (Heb. 12:8) But perhaps it is the way your parents discipline you that upsets you. Rather than fret over the manner of discipline, try to recognize that there may be a reason for the way they act. So keep calm and do your best to avoid overreacting to criticism.

    Make it your goal to become a mature person who can take counsel calmly and benefit from it without worrying excessively about how it was given.—Prov. 1:8.

    w17.11 29 ¶16-17

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