Friday, May 17

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    Friday, May 17

    How I do love your law! I ponder over it all day long.

    Ps. 119:97.

    The reality that languages change over time also applies to the languages into which the Bible has been translated. A Bible translation that was easily understood when first produced may later become less effective.

    Consider an example involving a Bible translation into English. The King James Version was first produced in 1611. It became one of the most popular English Bibles, and it would come to have a significant impact on the English language. Even so, much of the wording in the King James Version became archaic over the centuries.

    The same is true of early Bible translations in other languages. Are we not grateful, then, to have the modern-language New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures? This translation is available in whole or in part in over 150 languages, thus being available to a vast part of the population today. Its clear wording allows the message of God’s Word to reach our heart.

    w17.09 19 ¶5-6

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