Friday, May 31

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    Friday, May 31

    We all make mistakes many times.Jas. 3:2, ftn.

    We may readily acknowledge this fact, but the challenge is when we are personally affected by the imperfections of a brother. In such a situation, will we reflect Jehovah’s view of justice? For example, how will you respond if an elder makes a remark that hints at a degree of prejudice?

    Will you allow yourself to be stumbled if an elder thoughtlessly makes a statement that offends or hurts you? Rather than quickly concluding that the brother no longer qualifies as an elder, will you patiently wait on Jesus, the head of the congregation?

    Will you put forth the effort to see the bigger picture, perhaps reflecting on the brother’s many years of faithful service? If a brother who sins against you continues to serve as an elder or even receives additional privileges, will you rejoice with him?

    Your willingness to forgive may well reflect Jehovah’s view of justice.—Matt. 6:14, 15.

    w17.04 27 ¶18

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