Friday, November 29

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    Friday, November 29

    Abundant peace belongs to those who love your law;
    nothing can make them stumble.

    Ps. 119:165.

    On rare occasions, you or someone you know may experience or observe what seems to be an injustice in the congregation. Do not let yourself be stumbled. Instead, as faithful servants of God, we loyally and prayerfully rely on him.

    At the same time, we modestly acknowledge that we likely do not have all the facts. We are keenly aware that the fault may lie in our imperfect view of matters. We want to avoid negative speech, knowing that such speech only makes a bad situation worse.

    Finally, rather than taking matters into our own hands, let us be determined to be loyal and wait patiently on Jehovah to correct matters. Such an approach is sure to bring Jehovah’s approval and blessing. Yes, we can be certain that Jehovah, “the Judge of all the earth,” will always do what is right, “for all his ways are justice.”Gen. 18:25; Deut. 32:4.

    w17.04 22 ¶17

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