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Discussion in 'In The News' started by Joshuastone7, Feb 20, 2017.

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    This was an interesting comment on a daily news article, that I thought I would share;

    "@sugar, your religion can't save you. Following a set of commandments, rituals and traditions that you can't even keep yourself isn't going to justify you before God. In other words, your righteousness can't save you. Why? Because we are all sinners guilty of breaking God's law. You can tell the judge of all the good things you did but that won't do you much good if you've broken the law: the penalty for the crime committed must be righteously administered. The solution we've come up with to alleviate that feeling of guilt is religion. What is religion? It is coming to God solely on your merits. Christianity on the other hand is God coming to man in the person of Jesus Christ, not to give us a bunch of laws to follow by which we can't be saved, but to pay the penalty for our sins by dying on a cross. This does two things: it demonstrates God's love and satisfies God's righteousness because God is just and can't overlook our sins. So we are saved then, not by our religion, but by His grace through faith in Jesus Christ. Today, everyone talks about love and mercy, well, I just gave you an example, and it doesn't get any better than that."
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