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    It is said that saying something three times, is for emphasis. In other words, don’t do this!

    “Repay no one evil for evil. Have regard for good things in the sight of all men.” ( Rom 12:17 NKJV )

    “See that no one renders evil for evil to anyone, but always pursue what is good both for yourselves and for all.” ( 1 Th 5:15 NKJV )

    “ not returning evil for evil or reviling for reviling, but on the contrary blessing, knowing that you were called to this, that you may inherit a blessing.” ( 1 Pet 3:9 NKJV )

    Ooooohhhh, that is sooooooo hard to do!!! But, I'm working on it.:)
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    It is harder and harder to do these days, 2 years down the road from your post, brother- things sure are turned upside down these days! And peoples' passions are so much more inflamed because of it all!

    So much stupidity all around... But most people, I try to remind myself, are simply trying to do the right things in a very confusing world.
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    Many people are talking of returning to normal. Today, there is no normal. As I said in another post; “normal depends on who you are and where you are.” “We the people of _____.” Fill in the blanks. Many people don’t want their normal back. They would prefer something different. Even WE, worshipers of Jehovah and His Son, want and long for their kingdom. We pray for it every day.
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    Hello All,
    Today I had the time to look over Bible associated books and poems that belonged to my favorite aunt who recently died. She knew my interest and dedication to God’s word. Included in all the bibles and booklets, was an old copy of a poem titled: “My Patch Of Blue” by Mary Newland Carson. I also found it online. I tried to link it, but somehow the “system” tried to link other sites with it. So, here it is. There are five missing verses in my original paper copy. While sitting here, I realized how profound this poem is for everyone living here. We have had several weeks of smoke from the wildfires. We didn’t have that “Patch Of Blue”!!

    My " Patch of Blue "
    by Mary Newland Carson

    THERE'S A BIT of sky across the street
    Which I have learned to love,
    One end of it rests on the house tops high,
    The other on the heavens above.
    It looks most beautiful at times
    And has been such a comfort, too,
    That when I look thro' my windowpane
    I call it my " Patch of Blue. "
    When I think of God's great universe
    With its vast expanse of sky,
    And of those who can roam from sea to sea
    Without a thought of why
    This wondrous joy is given to them
    By a God so kind and true,
    I wonder if they are quite as glad
    As I, for my " Patch of Blue. "

    I call it mine: God's gift to me,
    From September until June.
    It heals my hurt; it warms my heart;
    And I'm sure that very soon
    The lesson that it teaches me
    Will warm me thro' and thro';
    For it seems as though God's blessed smile
    Shines thro' my " Patch of Blue. "

    I've seen it when light, fleecy clouds
    Went scurrying 'cross its face
    And made that tiny bit of sky
    Look like a bit of lace.
    I've also seen the storm clouds burst,
    And winds go rushing thro',
    But I always knew that once again
    I'd see my " Patch of Blue. "

    I've watched it when the wintry snows
    Had hidden it from sight,
    But I have known full well that soon
    It would once more be bright.
    When sunset drops her curtain down
    She turns to golden hue
    That little bit of lovely sky
    That was my " Patch of Blue. "

    When I lie upon my bed at night,
    With a heart full of pain and fear,
    I think of the twinkling stars out there
    That shine so bright and clear.
    I think of the radiant, glorious moon
    Shining the whole night thro',
    And I know that the morning sun will bring
    Once more my " Patch of Blue. "

    I've looked across that bit of sky
    As the twilight hour drew near,
    And thought of one in that " Great Beyond "
    Who was to me most dear.
    He was such a very little lad,
    Only four years old,
    When he passed the portals thro'
    And he's still waiting for me there
    Beyond my " Patch of Blue. "

    There are other dear ones over there
    Whose journey here is o'er.
    I shall see them sometime, somewhere,
    At rest on the shining shore.
    Dear Lord! Please help my life to be
    So patient, kind and true
    That when at last my race is run
    I can cross my " Patch of Blue. "

    And then one day — when I tried to look
    I found I could not see.
    In my despair I cried aloud,
    " O God — it cannot be
    That I must nevermore enjoy
    This precious, precious view,
    That I must learn to do without
    My little " Patch of Blue." "

    I know not what's in store for me
    Of sorrow, joy or pain;
    I do not know when I can see
    My bit of sky again.
    But I'm sure God's love and mercy
    Will lead me safely thro',
    And in my very heart of hearts
    He can put a " Patch of Blue. "

    Oh! Friend o' mine! Are you shut in?
    Does your life seem hard to bear?
    Does your heart grow sick with longing
    For the joys you once could share?
    " I'll go with you, " saith the Master,
    And his promises are true;
    So we're sure that in His blessed arms
    We'll find our " Patch of Blue. "

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