Monday, April 8

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    Monday, April 8

    Show yourselves thankful.

    Col. 3:15.

    While personal study is one way we listen to Jehovah, prayer is a way in which we speak to him. A Christian should not view prayer as a meaningless ritual; nor is it a ‘good luck charm’ to increase the chances of success at some endeavor.

    Rather, prayer is real communication with our Creator. Jehovah wants to hear from you. (Phil. 4:6) When you experience any kind of anxiety, the Bible’s wise advice is to “throw your burden on Jehovah.” (Ps. 55:22)

    Do you really believe that? There are millions of brothers and sisters who can assure you that it has helped them. It can help you too! Prayer offers you the opportunity to do more than simply ask Jehovah for help. Sometimes we can become so consumed by our problems that we overlook the many blessings we have.

    Why not determine that each day you will think of at least three things for which you can be thankful? Then thank Jehovah in prayer for those blessings.

    w17.12 25-26 ¶10-11

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