Monday, August 12

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    Monday, August 12

    O God, I thank you that I am not like everyone else.

    Luke 18:11.

    Why were the Pharisees so unwilling to show mercy? The Bible says that they “considered others as nothing.” (Luke 18:9-14) Imitate Jehovah, not the Pharisees. Show compassion. (Col. 3:13) One way to do so is to make it easy for others to seek your forgiveness.

    (Luke 17:3, 4)

    Ask yourself: ‘Is my forgiveness within reach of people who have wronged me, even repeatedly? Am I eager to restore peace with someone who has offended me or who has hurt me?’ Forgiveness is really a test of humility.

    The Pharisees failed that test because they considered others to be inferior. As Christians, however, we must humbly “consider others superior” to us, as worthy of our forgiveness.

    (Phil. 2:3)

    Will you imitate Jehovah and pass the test of humility? Keep the “road” to your forgiveness open and in good repair. Be quick to extend mercy and slow to take offense.

    Eccl. 7:8, 9.

    w17.11 14-15 ¶6-8

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