Monday, December 2

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    Monday, December 2

    The righteous one may fall seven times,
    and he will get up again.

    Prov. 24:16.

    What will help one who falls to succeed? Not sheer willpower, but God’s spirit. (Phil. 4:13) The fruitage of that spirit includes self-control, which is closely related to self-discipline. Also important are heartfelt prayer, Bible study, and meditation. But what if you find it hard to study God’s Word?

    Perhaps you do not consider yourself to be studious. Keep in mind, however, that Jehovah will help you if you let him. He can help you to “form a longing” for his Word. (1 Pet. 2:2) First, pray to Jehovah for the needed self-discipline to study his Word.

    Then, work in harmony with your prayers, perhaps keeping study periods rather short. Over time, study will be both easier and more pleasurable! Indeed, you will find yourself cherishing your quiet times when you are absorbed in Jehovah’s precious thoughts.—1 Tim. 4:15.

    w18.03 29 ¶5-6

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