Monday, February 18

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    Monday, February 18

    Be hospitable to one another without grumbling.1 Pet. 4:9.

    Jehovah commands us to be generous toward our brothers and sisters. (1 John 3:17) Yet, we must do so with a pure motive, avoiding any trace of selfishness. We can ask ourselves: ‘Do I offer hospitality primarily to close friends, prominent ones, or those who might be able to return a favor somehow?

    Or do I instead look for ways to be generous toward brothers and sisters whom I do not know well or who have nothing with which to repay me?’ (Luke 14:12-14) Or suppose a fellow Christian falls into need because of poor planning or fails to thank us for our hospitality.

    In such situations, we should apply the counsel given in today’s text. If you follow this advice, you will gain the reward of happiness that comes from giving with the right motive.

    Acts 20:35. w17.10 9 ¶12

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