Monday, June 10

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    Monday, June 10

    I know he will rise in the resurrection on the last day.

    John 11:24.

    Jesus’ close friend and disciple Martha was grieving. Her brother, Lazarus, had died. Could anything ease her sorrow? Yes. Jesus assured her: “Your brother will rise.” (John 11:20-23)

    Martha was sure that would occur in the future. Jesus then performed a miracle. He brought Lazarus back to life that very day. We have no basis to expect that Jesus or his Father will now perform such a miracle for us. Are you, though, just as sure as Martha was of a future resurrection for a loved one? Maybe it is your deceased mate, your mother, your father, or a beloved grandparent.

    Or you may be grieving over the loss of a child. You long to hug, to speak with, and to laugh with that dear one. Happily, like Martha, you have good reason to say, ‘I know that my loved one will rise in the resurrection.’ Still, it will do each Christian good to reflect on why that is a valid conviction.

    w17.12 3 ¶1-2

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