Monday, June 3

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    Monday, June 3

    Have . . . the same mental attitude that Christ Jesus had.

    Rom. 15:5.

    As we work at cultivating spirituality, holy spirit will give us the power to transform our mind. With the spirit’s help, we can gradually begin to think more and more as Christ did. Additionally, it will help us root out fleshly desires and cultivate qualities pleasing to God.

    Our Christlike thinking will influence our speech, our conduct at work or in school, and the decisions we make each day. Those decisions will reveal that we strive to be followers of Christ. As spiritual people, we want nothing to jeopardize our relationship with our heavenly Father.

    When we are confronted with temptations, our Christlike attitude will move us to push them away. When making decisions, we will stop and ponder over these questions: ‛What Bible principles will help me decide? What would Christ do in this situation? What decision will please Jehovah?’

    w18.02 25 ¶12; 26 ¶14

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