Monday, March 4

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    Monday, March 4

    Continue to be made new in your dominant mental attitude.

    Eph. 4:23.

    When we became servants of God, we made a transformation. This change affected every area of our life. And it was not over when we got baptized. Since we are not perfect, we all need to continue making changes. (Phil. 3:12, 13)

    Whether we are young or old, we can ask ourselves these questions: ‘Do I notice changes in myself that indicate that I am moving toward becoming a spiritually-minded person? Is my personality becoming Christlike? What do my disposition and conduct at Christian meetings reveal about the depth of my spirituality?

    What do my conversations show about my desires? What do my study habits, dress and grooming, or reaction to counsel reveal about me? How do I react when faced with temptations? Have I progressed beyond basics to maturity, becoming full-grown as a Christian?’ (Eph. 4:13)

    Thinking about our answers to these questions can help us measure our spiritual progress

    . w18.02 24 ¶4-5

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