Saturday, December 7

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    Saturday, December 7

    They . . . kept earnestly begging us for the privilege of kindly giving.

    2 Cor. 8:4.

    We may be asked to make donations for a specific purpose. (Acts 4:34, 35; 1 Cor. 16:2) For example, are there plans to build a new Kingdom Hall that your congregation will use? We may be made aware of financial needs with regard to a convention we are attending or assistance to our brothers after a natural disaster.

    We also donate to support those caring for the work at world headquarters and at branch offices around the earth. Our donations support missionaries, special pioneers, and those in the circuit work. All of us can have a share in supporting the work that Jehovah is accomplishing in these last days. Most donations are anonymous.

    We discreetly place funds in the contribution boxes at the Kingdom Hall, or we may make donations online through We may feel that our small donations do not mean much. Yet, the majority of donated funds today come from many small gifts rather than from a few large ones.

    w18.01 19 ¶10-11

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