Saturday, February 23

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    Saturday, February 23

    He makes the bars of your city gates strong; he blesses your sons within you. He brings peace to your territory.Ps. 147:13, 14.

    In thinking about the restoration of Jerusalem, the psalmist sang the above about Jehovah.

    How reassuring it was for the psalmist to know that God would strengthen the city’s gates to provide protection for his worshippers! You may face difficulties that cause you to become anxious. Jehovah can give you the wisdom to cope.

    The psalmist said of his God that “he sends his command to the earth; his word runs swiftly.” Then, referring to Jehovah as ‘sending the snow, scattering the frost, and hurling down the hailstones,’ the psalmist asks: “Who can withstand his cold?” He adds that Jehovah “sends out his word, and they melt.” (Ps. 147:15-18)

    Our all-wise, all-powerful God, the one who controls the hail and the snow, can help you to surmount any obstacles that you encounter.

    w17.07 20 ¶14-15

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