Saturday, June 8

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    Saturday, June 8

    Taste and see that Jehovah is good.Ps. 34:8.

    Even as a young baptized servant of God, you can taste Jehovah’s goodness by experiencing his support as you share your faith with others. You can do that in the ministry as well as at school. Some find it difficult to preach to their peers at school. You likely can understand why. You have no idea how they will react.

    It can be especially challenging when speaking to a large group rather than to a classmate one-on-one. What can help you? First, think about why you are convinced of your beliefs. Are the study guides found on available in your language?

    If you are not sure, take the time to look for them. They are designed to help you reflect on what you believe, why you believe it, and how you can explain your beliefs to others. When your conviction is strong and you are well-prepared, you will feel impelled to give a witness for Jehovah’s name.—Jer. 20:8, 9.

    w17.12 26 ¶12, 14-15

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