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Saturday, March 17

Discussion in 'Daily Text' started by Jinnvisible, Mar 12, 2018.

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    Saturday, March 17

    [Make] the best use of your time.—Eph. 5:16.

    Although we may be very busy, we all need to make time for personal study and family worship. (Eph. 5:15)

    Our aim, though, should not be simply to cover a certain number of pages or solely to prepare comments to participate at meetings. We want to make sure that we allow God’s Word to reach our heart and strengthen our faith.

    We should find a balance between keeping in mind the needs of others when studying and reflecting on our own spiritual needs. (Phil. 1:9, 10) We must recognize that when we prepare for the ministry, for the meetings, or for a talk, we may not necessarily apply what we read to ourselves.

    To illustrate: Although a chef has to taste dishes before serving them, he cannot live merely on the food he samples. If he wants to remain healthy, he has to prepare nutritious meals for himself. Similarly, we should strive to nourish our heart with spiritual food that fills our personal needs.

    w16.102:10, 11

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