Saturday, March 28

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    Saturday, March 28

    The good news has to be preached first.

    Mark 13:10.

    A young person who focuses his life on the desire to please Jehovah gives special attention to the ministry. Because the preaching work is so urgent, it should be high on our list of priorities. Could you set the goal of sharing in the ministry more often? Could you pioneer?

    But what if you find little joy in preaching? And how can you be more effective at giving a witness? Two basic steps will help: Prepare well, and do not give up sharing what you know with others. It might surprise you how much joy you will then find when preaching. You could start by working out an answer to a question commonly raised by schoolmates, such as “Why do you believe in God?”

    Our website contains articles designed to help young people work out for themselves how to answer that question. There you will find a worksheet entitled “Why Do I Believe in God?” The worksheet will guide you in preparing your own answer.

    w18.04 27 ¶10-11

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