Saturday, March 3

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    Saturday, March 3

    If any one of you is lacking in wisdom, let him keep asking God
    , . . . and it will be given him.—Jas. 1:5.

    Ask Jehovah for the wisdom to recognize and deal with situations that could cause you to violate your Christian neutrality.

    If you are imprisoned or otherwise punished because of your resolute stand for true worship, pray for the strength to defend your faith with boldness and to endure whatever persecution may come. (Acts 4:27-31)

    Jehovah can strengthen you by means of his Word. Meditate on verses that will help you maintain your neutrality under test. Commit them to memory now, so that they can sustain you if you do not have access to a Bible later.

    God’s Word can also reinforce your hope in future Kingdom blessings. This hope is essential if we are to endure persecution. (Rom. 8:25) Select passages that describe blessings that you especially hope to enjoy, and visualize yourself experiencing those blessings in Paradise.

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