Saturday, May 18

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    Saturday, May 18

    Be wise, my son, and make my heart rejoice.Prov. 27:11.

    Christian youths have important decisions to make. The wise decisions they make about good associations, wholesome entertainment, moral cleanness, and baptism all call for courage.

    That is because such young ones are going against the will of Satan, the one who taunts God. One important decision young ones must make involves their goals. In some lands, young ones are pressured to set goals that center on higher education and a well-paying job. In other lands, economic conditions may make young ones feel that they must focus on helping to provide materially for their families.

    Jehovah will bless young ones who courageously work at setting spiritual goals and putting Kingdom interests first in their lives. He will help them provide for the needs of their families. In the first century, the young man Timothy focused on spiritual goals, and you can too.—Phil. 2:19-22.

    w17.09 29-30 ¶10-12

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