Saturday, November 16

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    Saturday, November 16

    We should love, not in word or with the tongue, but in deed and truth.

    1 John 3:18.

    Our love must not be limited to words, especially when the circumstances call for action. For example, when a fellow Christian lacks the basic necessities of life, he needs more than our good wishes.

    (Jas. 2:15, 16)

    Similarly, love for Jehovah and our neighbor moves us not only to ask God ‘to send out workers into the harvest’ but also to have a full share in the preaching work. (Matt. 9:38) The apostle John wrote that we must love “in deed and truth.” Thus, our love must be “without hypocrisy,” or “free from hypocrisy.”

    (Rom. 12:9; 2 Cor. 6:6)

    This means that we cannot show genuine love while pretending to be something that we are not, as if we were wearing a mask. We might wonder, ‘Is there such a thing as love with hypocrisy?’ Not really. This would not be love at all but a worthless imitation.

    w17.10 8 ¶5-6
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