Saturday, November 9

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    Saturday, November 9

    From infancy you have known the holy writings,
    which are able to make you wise for salvation.

    2 Tim. 3:15.

    When your child expresses interest in getting baptized, make good use of material that Jehovah’s organization has provided for parents. Your doing so may lay the groundwork for stressing both the seriousness and the blessings of being dedicated to Jehovah and of being a baptized Christian.

    As a parent, you have the weighty responsibility—and privilege—to bring up your children “in the discipline and admonition of Jehovah.” (Eph. 6:4) That requires not only teaching them what the Bible says but also helping them to develop conviction about what they learn.

    Yes, they need a conviction that is so strong that it moves them to dedicate themselves to Jehovah and to serve him wholeheartedly. May Jehovah’s Word, his spirit, and your efforts as a parent help your children to become “wise for salvation.”

    w17.12 22 ¶17, 19

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