Saturday, September 14

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    Saturday, September 14

    Sing praises to [Jehovah].Ps. 33:2.

    Perhaps we are apprehensive about singing because we are unsure of how to sing. Yet, we can improve our singing by applying some basic suggestions. You can learn to sing with power and volume by breathing properly.

    Much as electricity powers a light bulb, breathing energizes your voice when you speak or sing. You should sing as loud as you speak or even louder than that. In fact, within the context of singing praises, the Scriptures sometimes direct Jehovah’s worshippers to “shout joyfully.” (Ps. 33:1-3)

    Try the following: Choose one of your favorite songs from our songbook. Read the lyrics out loud in a strong, confident voice. Next, using the same volume, say all the words from a single phrase of the song in one breath.

    Then sing the phrase, using the same vibrant voice. (Isa. 24:14) Your singing voice will become fuller, and that is a good thing. Do not let it scare you or embarrass you!

    w17.11 5-6 ¶11-13

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