Sunday, August 12

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    Sunday, August 12

    Taste and see that Jehovah is good;
    happy is the man who takes refuge in him
    . . . . Those who fear him lack nothing.

    Ps. 34:8, 9.

    Young people have the strength needed to accomplish much in Jehovah’s service. (Prov. 20:29) Some young brothers in Bethel service have a part in printing and binding Bibles and Bible literature. Many young brothers and sisters share in the work of building and maintaining Kingdom Halls.

    When natural disasters strike, young people join more experienced Witnesses in carrying through with relief efforts. And many young pioneers help to take the good news to indigenous and foreign-language communities. The psalmist sang: “Those seeking Jehovah will lack nothing good.” (Ps. 34:10)

    Indeed, Jehovah never disappoints those who zealously serve him. We personally “taste and see that Jehovah is good” as we do all we can in his service. And when we give God whole-souled worship, we experience happiness that has no equal.w16.083:5,8

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