Sunday, December 1

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    Sunday, December 1

    Be hospitable to one another without grumbling.

    1 Pet. 4:9.

    In Bible times, hospitality normally included inviting someone to one’s home for a meal. (Gen. 18:1-8; Judg. 13:15; Luke 24:28-30) An invitation to share food was an invitation to friendship and peace. Who should be among our primary guests? Those who are a regular part of our lives, the brothers and sisters in our congregation.

    When hard times come, will we not depend on one another? We need loyal friendships and peace with all of them. Circuit overseers and students at theocratic schools may need places to stay, as may construction volunteers. Natural disasters may leave some families homeless and in need of lodging until relief efforts can restore their dwellings.

    We should not assume that only those who have very comfortable homes are in a position to help; they may already have done so many times. Could you share in offering accommodations even if your circumstances are modest?

    w18.03 15 ¶6; 16 ¶9

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