Sunday, February 17

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    Sunday, February 17

    He must dwell in [his city of refuge] until the death of the high priest.Num. 35:25.

    An unintentional manslayer had to take action to receive mercy. He had to flee to the nearest city of refuge. (Josh. 20:4) We cannot imagine the fugitive being indifferent; his life depended on his reaching that city as soon as possible and remaining there!

    This meant sacrifice on his part. He had to leave behind his previous employment, the comforts of home, and the freedom to travel—until the death of the high priest. But such inconveniences were worth the effort. To benefit from God’s mercy, repentant wrongdoers today must likewise take action.

    We must completely abandon the sinful course, fleeing not only from serious sin but also from the lesser sins that often lead to gross wrongdoing. Earnest actions to abandon a sinful course show Jehovah that we are not complacent, that we have not presumed on his mercy.—2 Cor. 7:10, 11.

    w17.11 10-11 ¶10-11

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