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Sunday, February 18

Discussion in 'Daily Text' started by Jinnvisible, Feb 12, 2018.

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    Sunday, February 18

    They would go where the spirit inclined them to go.Ezek.1:20.

    Jesus has appointed the ‘faithful slave’ to be the only channel for dispensing spiritual food.

    (Matt. 24:45-47)

    Since 1919, the glorified Jesus Christ has been using that slave to help his followers understand God’s own Book and heed its directives. By obeying the instructions found in the Bible, we promote cleanness, peace, and unity in the congregation.

    Each one of us does well to ask himself, ‘Am I loyal to the channel that Jesus is using today?’ Jehovah’s written Word acquaints us with the heavenly part of his organization. For example, the prophet Ezekiel received a vision in which the heavenly part of God’s organization is represented by a celestial chariot. (Ezek. 1:4-28)

    With Christ and the holy angels about to destroy this wicked world, Jehovah’s chariot is rapidly moving toward the vindication of his sovereignty and the sanctification of his holy name!

    w16.11 3:9, 10

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