Sunday, February 24

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    Sunday, February 24

    You are worthy, Jehovah our God, to receive
    the glory and the honor and the power,
    because you created all things.

    Rev. 4:11.

    God’s sovereignty is right. It is the best rulership. And it deserves our wholehearted support. Why? Because Jehovah created all things. Therefore, he has full right to rule over humans as well as spirit creatures. Satan has created nothing.

    Consequently, he has no rightful claim to universal rulership. In rebelling against Jehovah’s sovereignty, he and the first human couple acted arrogantly. (Jer. 10:23)

    True, as creatures with free will, they could choose independence from God. But did that give them the right to do so? No. Free will enables people to make many appropriate choices daily.

    However, it does not entitle them to rebel against their Creator and Life-Giver. Clearly, taking a stand against Jehovah is a misuse of free will. As humans, our place is under Jehovah’s righteous rule.

    w17.06 27-28 ¶2-4

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