Sunday, February 28

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    Sunday, February 28

    Since we have this ministry . . . , we do not give up.2 Cor. 4:1.

    The apostle Paul set a good example in making the ministry the most important activity in his life. When he was in Corinth during his second missionary journey, he was low on funds and had to spend some time making tents. He worked at this trade to support himself in the ministry so that he could declare the good news to the Corinthians “without cost” to them. (2 Cor. 11:7)

    Although Paul had to do some secular work, he continued to give priority to the ministry, and he preached on every Sabbath. After his circumstances improved, Paul was able to give more attention to preaching. He “began to be intensely occupied with the word, witnessing to the Jews to prove that Jesus is the Christ.” (Acts 18:3-5; 2 Cor. 11:9)

    Later, when he was under house arrest in Rome for two years, Paul witnessed to visitors and wrote letters. (Acts 28:16, 30, 31) Paul was determined not to allow anything to interfere with his ministry.

    w19.04 4 ¶9

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