Sunday, July 14

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    Sunday, July 14

    Return to me, . . .
    and I will return to you.

    Zech. 1:3.

    A flying scroll, a woman sealed inside a container, and two women soaring in the wind with wings like those of storks—such dramatic images are found in the book of Zechariah.

    (Zech. 5:1, 7-9)

    Why did Jehovah give these striking visions to his prophet? Zechariah’s sixth and seventh visions are a sober warning to those who persist in dishonest ways, a reminder that Jehovah does not tolerate wrongdoing. On the part of his sincere worshippers, there must be a genuine hatred of wickedness. These accounts are also a loving reassurance from our heavenly Father.

    If we diligently work to be the sort of people who have God’s approval and protection, we will not have to face a death-dealing curse. Rather, Jehovah will gladly bless us. All our struggles to remain clean in a world full of wickedness will be worthwhile. We can be sure that we can succeed with Jehovah’s help!

    w17.10 21 ¶1; 25 ¶19

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