Sunday, July 15

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    Sunday, July 15

    Men spoke from God as they were moved by holy spirit.

    2 Pet. 1:21.

    Some have chosen study projects that involved studying Bible prophecy or the Bible’s historical, archaeological, and scientific accuracy. One fascinating prophecy to consider is
    Genesis 3:15

    That verse introduces the Bible’s primary theme, which is the vindication of God’s sovereignty and the sanctification of his name by means of the Kingdom. That one verse, using figurative language, sets out how Jehovah will solve all the suffering that humans have experienced since Eden.

    How might you study Genesis 3:15? One way would be to prepare a time line. It could list key scriptures that show how God bit by bit shed light on the individuals and arrangement referred to in this verse and that prove that the prophecy will be fulfilled.

    As you see the scriptures form a harmonious unit, you will surely conclude that the Bible prophets and writers must have been “moved by holy spirit.”

    w16.09 4:8

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