Sunday, June 2

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    Sunday, June 2

    He and his entire household were baptized without delay.Acts 16:33.

    The jailer was not familiar with the Scriptures. So to gain a solid foundation of Scriptural knowledge, he needed to learn basic Bible truths, understand what it means to be one of God’s servants, and be determined to obey Jesus’ teachings.

    In a relatively brief time, his knowledge of basic Scriptural truths and his appreciation of them prompted him to get baptized. (Acts 16:25-33)

    No doubt he continued to add to his knowledge after his baptism. With this example in mind, what can you do when your child expresses a heartfelt appreciation for basic Scriptural teachings, including the meaning and significance of dedication and baptism?

    You Christian parents may conclude that he can contact the congregation elders to see if he meets the qualifications to get baptized. Like other baptized disciples, he will continue to increase in knowledge of Jehovah’s purpose throughout his life, even for all eternity.—

    Rom. 11:33, 34.

    w18.03 10 ¶8-9

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