Sunday, June 9

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    Sunday, June 9

    Continue in the things that you learned and were persuaded to believe.

    2 Tim. 3:14.

    More is involved in imparting spiritual education to children than simply teaching them about the people and events of the Bible. Timothy was also “persuaded to believe.” In the original language, that phrase means “to be assured of” or “to be convinced and certain of the truth of something.”

    Timothy knew the Hebrew Scriptures from infancy. But at some point he was convinced by compelling evidence that Jesus was the Messiah. How can you help build conviction in your children so that they are persuaded to believe, as Timothy was?

    First, be patient. Conviction does not come about overnight; nor does it pass from you to your offspring simply because you have been persuaded to believe. Each child needs to use his or her own “power of reason” to develop conviction about Bible truth. (Rom. 12:1) You as a parent play an important role in that process, especially when your child asks questions.

    w17.12 19 ¶3, 5-6

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