Sunday, March 10

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    Sunday, March 10

    Each one [will be made alive] in his own proper order.

    1 Cor. 15:23.

    Speaking of the heavenly resurrection, the Bible says that those who will experience that will be raised “each one in his own proper order.” We can trust that the earthly resurrection will likewise proceed in an orderly manner.

    That is an intriguing prospect. Will those who died recently be raised near the start of Christ’s Thousand Year Reign and be welcomed by loved ones who know them? Will faithful men of old with leadership abilities come back early to help organize God’s people in the new world? What about people who never served Jehovah?

    When and where will they be raised? Many questions could be asked. But, frankly, is there any real need to ponder those issues now? Is it not better just to wait and see how Jehovah handles those matters? In the meantime, we should bolster our faith in Jehovah, who through Jesus assured us that the dead in God’s memory will rise.—John 5:28,

    29; 11:23.

    w17.12 12 ¶20-21g

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