Sunday, March 17

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    Sunday, March 17

    Be courageous . . . and go to work.

    1 Chron. 28:20.

    Solomon was instructed to oversee one of the most important construction projects of all time—that of the temple in Jerusalem. The building was to be “exceedingly magnificent, so that its fame and beauty [would] be known in all lands.”

    More important, the temple would be “the house of Jehovah the true God.” Jehovah directed that Solomon be the overseer of this project. (1 Chron. 22:1, 5, 9-11)

    King David was confident of God’s support, but Solomon was “young and inexperienced.” Would he have the courage to take on the task of building the temple? Would his youth and inexperience be an obstacle? To succeed, Solomon would need to be courageous and go to work.

    If Solomon did not prove to be courageous, fear could paralyze him, and inactivity would be worse than failure. Like Solomon, we need help from Jehovah to be courageous and complete the work.


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