Sunday, March 22

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    Sunday, March 22

    Let your light shine before men.Matt. 5:16.

    One way we let our light shine is by preaching the good news and making disciples. (Matt. 28:19, 20) In addition, we can glorify Jehovah by our Christian conduct. Householders and passersby observe our behavior. Our friendly smile and warm greeting say much about who we are and what kind of God we worship. “When you enter the house,” Jesus told his disciples, “greet the household.” (Matt. 10:12)

    In the area where Jesus and the apostles often preached, it was not unusual for people to invite strangers into their homes. Today, this is not the custom in many places. Still, your positive, friendly manner as you explain why you are there can often allay a householder’s concern or ease his irritation.

    A pleasant smile is often the best introduction. That has also proved true when brothers and sisters engage in public witnessing using a literature cart. You may find that people often react favorably to a pleasant smile and greeting.

    w18.06 22 ¶4-5

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