Sunday, March 29

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    Sunday, March 29

    Be fruitful and become many.Gen. 1:28.

    Even though Adam and Eve initially enjoyed freedom in many ways, there were limits imposed on them. Some of them were instinctive, but they were limits nonetheless. For example, our first parents knew that to keep on living, they had to breathe, eat, sleep, and so on. Would they feel a loss of freedom for having to do these things?

    No, for Jehovah saw to it that even in doing such routine things, they could find enjoyment and contentment. (Ps. 104:14, 15; Eccl. 3:12, 13) Jehovah specifically commanded Adam and Eve to populate the earth and to take care of it.

    Did this command in some way deprive them of their freedom? Of course not! It was given to enable humans to participate in their Creator’s purpose—to make the earth into a global paradise home for a race of perfect humans forever. (Ps. 127:3; Isa. 45:18)

    Enjoying their marriage and family for all eternity could have been Adam and Eve’s happy lot in life. w18.04 4-5 ¶7-8

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