Sunday, March 3

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    Sunday, March 3

    Go . . . and make disciples of people.Matt. 28:19.

    The Bible does not specify an age at which a person should get baptized. The Greek word translated “make disciples” at Matthew 28:19 has the sense of teaching with the intent of making pupils, or disciples. A disciple is one who learns and understands Jesus’ teachings and who is determined to observe them.

    Thus, the goal of all Christian parents should be to teach their children from infancy with the intention of helping them become baptized disciples of Christ. Granted, an infant would not qualify for baptism.

    However, the Bible shows that even relatively young children can grasp and appreciate Bible truths. For example, Timothy was a disciple who made the truth his own at a young age.

    His faith was unshakable. (2 Tim. 1:5; 3:14, 15) By the time he was in his late teens or early 20’s, Timothy was a Christian disciple who could be considered for special privileges in the congregation.—Acts 16:1-3.

    w18.03 9 ¶4-5

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