Sunday, May 12

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    Sunday, May 12

    My servants will shout joyfully because of the good condition of the heart,
    but you will cry out because of the pain of heart.

    Isa. 65:14.

    Many religions turn people away from God by teaching hellfire, collecting tithes, or preaching politics. No wonder an increasing number of people feel that they can be happy without religion!

    Certainly an individual can be happy without false religion, but a person cannot be truly happy unless he has a relationship with Jehovah, who is described as “the happy God.”

    (1 Tim. 1:11)

    Everything God does benefits others. His servants are happy because they focus on helping others. (Acts 20:35) For example, consider how true worship promotes family happiness.

    True worship teaches us to honor and respect our spouse, to treat marriage vows as sacred, to avoid adultery, to raise respectful children, and to practice true love. As a result, such worship unites people in happy congregations and a happy worldwide brotherhood.

    w17.11 21 ¶6-7

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