Sunday, May 5

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    Sunday, May 5

    Why are you delaying ?
    Rise, get baptized.

    Acts 22:16.

    An exhaustive knowledge is not required before a person can make a dedication to God and get baptized. After baptism, all disciples should keep on growing in accurate knowledge. (Col. 1:9, 10) So how much knowledge is initially required? The experience of a family in the first century offers us some insight. (Acts 16:25-33)

    While on his second missionary tour, about 50 C.E., Paul visited Philippi. While there, he and his companion Silas were arrested on false charges and thrown in jail. During the night, an earthquake shook the foundations of the jail and opened all the doors. The jailer, fearing that the prisoners had escaped, was on the verge of committing suicide when Paul called out to him.

    Paul and Silas were able to give a fine witness to the jailer and his family. Their appreciation for the truths they were learning about Jesus prompted them to take what step? They got baptized without delay.

    w18.03 10 ¶7-8

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