Sunday, November 24

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    Sunday, November 24

    Where your treasure is, there your hearts will be also.

    Luke 12:34.

    Jehovah is the wealthiest Person in the universe. (1 Chron. 29:11, 12) As a generous Father, he openhandedly shares his spiritual riches with all who discern their excelling value. How grateful we are that Jehovah has given us spiritual treasures, which include (1) God’s Kingdom, (2) our lifesaving ministry, and (3) the precious truths found in his Word! If we are not careful, though, we could lose appreciation for these treasures and, in effect, throw them away. To hold on to them, we must use them well and constantly renew our love for them. Granted, many of us have made life-transforming changes to become subjects of God’s Kingdom. (Rom. 12:2) Even so, our work is not finished. We must remain alert to things that actively compete for our affection, including the desire for material things and any immoral sexual desires.—Prov. 4:23; Matt. 5:27-29.

    w17.06 9 ¶1; 10 ¶7

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