Sunday, November 3

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    Sunday, November 3

    What prevents me from getting baptized?

    Acts 8:36.

    Consider the example of a Jewish man who was persecuting Christians. He was born in a nation that was dedicated to God. However, the Jews had lost their special relationship with Jehovah. That man was zealous for the traditions of Judaism, but he learned a better way.

    He received a personal witness from the resurrected and glorified Jesus Christ. What was the man’s response? He welcomed assistance from the Christian disciple Ananias. Regarding that man the Bible tells us: “He then got up and was baptized.”

    (Acts 9:17, 18; Gal. 1:14)

    You certainly recognize that Jewish man as the one who came to be known as the apostle Paul. But reflect on the fact that once he gained appreciation for the truth about Jesus’ role in the outworking of God’s purpose, Paul acted. He got baptized without delay. (Acts 22:12-16) It is much the same with Bible students today, whether young or old.

    w18.03 5-6 ¶9-11

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